The Vision

Leslie Waters, Gryphon, Sherborne House

Lesley Waters relaxing between shoots. She features in a film produced by pupils of the Gryphon.

The vision for Sherborne House is to transform it into a centre that inspires the visuals arts.

It is a beautiful and historic building, a fitting location to allow people from the community and further afield to enjoy and participate in the visual arts.

The centerpiece of the House will be the Gallery.  Plans are being developed for a five year programme of exhibitions both in a contemporary Gallery space and another dedicated space, using the works by world-famous sculptor, Dame Elisabeth Frink, as a springboard for exploring further into the visual arts.

In addition to the Gallery, there are plans for:

  • Artist residencies, as part of an integrated education programme.
  • Studios and educational facilities to support artists and the wider community
  • Leslie Waters, the celebrity chef, intends to develop part of the space for a cookery  school – a space where creativity and food can be explored. This will sit alongside a  public café.
  • The gardens of 1.5 acres will be developed in a number of ways. Primarily as a Sculpture Garden which can then be used an outdoor stage, further galleries or, with the use of marquees, a wedding venue.

It is hoped that Sherborne House will be open to the public by the end of 2016.

These are exciting and ambitious plans. You can find out more about the work being done to bring them to reality here.

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